CMS of Korea Leads Global Market with Tech to Design Metal Texture and Treat Surface

2019-06-24 12:13 출처: CMS CO., LTD.


DAEGU--(뉴스와이어) 2019년 06월 24일 -- CMS CO., LTD., which specializes in door scuffs and steps, is the leader in the field of etching the metal surfaces of interior and exterior parts of automobiles, electronics, IT devices and household electrical appliances. Etching is the process of using chemicals to cut into the unprotected parts of a metal surface to engrave a design in the metal.

CMS uses etching to imprint patterns and logos on metal materials such as AL and SUS to produce aesthetic and ornamental effects, and even tactile effects, adding sensibility to the quality of its products.

The company provides customized designs to raise the value of metal material products by using micro-photo etching, a fusion technology to create surface textures.

It also applies Nano Coating Technology to the surfaces of various automotive interior components of metal substances such as AL and SUS, including speaker grille covers, door steps, door scuffs, brake pedals, transverses and pillar garnishes.

Established in October, 1990 with its headquarters in Daegu City, CMS runs a business related to car parts, electronic components, IT devices and electrical home appliances. It was designated as a pre-start company of the city in 2017. Its three plants are equipped with assembly lines to roll out door steps and scuffs and other competitive products.

CMS variously produces automotive interior parts of metal substances, among others. It also uses new metal materials to make products in diverse colors as well. CMS does business with global companies including Hyundai, Kia, Samsung, Volkswagen, Chevrolet, LG Chem and Nissan.

CMS seeks to maximize customer satisfaction through the high reliability of its manufacturing process, its upgraded technology and its tighter quality control while concentrating on automotive parts, micro-photo etching and R&D.

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